History - Castel Pietraio Wine Resort a Siena



A centuries-old History


It was the year one thousand when Sigeric, Archbishop of Canterbury, outlined the first walking pilgrimage to Rome, the road which later took the name of Francigena and in the county of Strove and Staggia reigned the Lambardi family, aauthor of the economic revitalization of the area after the dark age of Roman Empire decline.

Ildebrando Lambardi, descending from a noble Longobard family, married Countess Ava Zenovi, whose sarcophagus is still on view in the right aisle of the abbey in Abbadia a Isola, and had two sons: Tegrimo who married Sindrada and Berizio. After the Lambardi family, the Castle, in the XII century, was handed to Soarzi’s family, that became one of the greatest feudal realities of the Valdelsa. The Soarzi were many times involved in the struggles between Florence and Siena being their properties in the middle of the territories of the two powerful cities. This family knew glories and shines during the 12th century but, their importance decrease during the following century.

In the XIII century, became the property of Ghinibaldo Saracini, husband of Sapia Salvani, whose family was mentioned by Dante Alighieri in his Purgatory.

In the XV century, under the Capacci family, the stones of the floors and of the portals of the castle were carved with the boar’s head, their coat of arms.

After various vicissitudes and acquisitions, around the middle of the 1800s, the Castle became the property of Stefano Masson, enlightened entrepreneur of Savoyard origin, who elected the Val d’Elsa as the center of his business, contributing to the transformation of Colle di Val d’Elsa, a small medieval city into a manufacturing center. What remains of him is the fresco representing Colle di Val D’Elsa and his ironworks in the salon on the first floor of the Castle. After him, the Bishop’s Curia of Colle di Val d’Elsa and the Count Pietro Terrosi Vagnoli succeeded at the castle, until nowadays with the family of the Barons Neri Del Nero.



The historical research of the medieval plants of Castel Pietraio, converted into Villa in the 17th century, dates back to the 70's.
Thanks to the great commitment of Baron Massimo Neri Del Nero, on the project of the Architect Prof. Agostino Bossi and in constant contact with the Superintendence to the Arts of Florence, the ancient tower was rediscovered and the walls were restored to face, As well as redesigning the internal traffic and the gardens.

Today Castel Pietraio, restored with care, reserves to qualified guests hospitality in Rooms in its village or Apartments in the Castle plus halls for any kind of event or ceremony.

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